Shared storage resources


@timmy @StephenTallamy @christianhenson I have been thinking about shared ‘Pianobook’ community ‘databases’ (~shared ~information). There seem to be two major types of requirement, along these lines:

  1. Spreadsheet databases of community information (text, information, links, etc.: small amounts of data: storable/sharable/editable via various free Interweb services (Google Docs, Airtable, Confluence…)
  2. Sample repository to allow upload, download, NR processing, format/player conversions, etc. (sample files: multiple Megs of data: every sharable upload/download solution costs money)

For the first category I have generated two ‘tester’ collaborative databases using the free Airtable service: (Master Keyboards…) (Firmware updates…)

(Both of these are from the Pianobook forum thread: G.A.S (gear acquisition syndrome) )

And these have the usual problems with shared content on the Interweb: limited ‘editing’ access; a limit to scope/size (1200 records!); and a business plan based on getting you to update to ultimately paying ‘per user’ for the service. I welcome feedback (and editors!) on these two testers. (For example, I very much prefer Airtable’s ease-of-use and facilities, but Google Docs makes collaborative editing easier because so many people are already familiar with it (and in a lot of places, familiarity wins, unfortunately)…)

For the second category then I invite informed comment! (One thought is that I donate an SFTP repository to the community, for example, since I’m currently actively considering consolidating all of my Interweb hosting into a single provider (and I’m unlikely to use all of the available storage in the package), but that’s only going to give a few hundred Gigs of storage.)

I reckon that the members of this community represent a huge resource - if we can share/work/collaborate together! All we need to figure out is a good way to achieve that…


I wanted to add Yamaha CP33 to the list, but in spite of my obtaining a login on Airtable, I could not edit your Master Keyboard List.