Small or Large diaphragm Condenser?


My plan for 2020 is to sample more and get creative. Santa (and the kids!!) have left me with a little bit of spare cash for some mics. I have been getting by with a SM58. Which to be fair, with a bit of work, does do the job OK but I would like to get a pair of mics to give me much greater flexibility.

Sontronics still have some great B stock deals so I could get a pair of small diaphragm mics (STC-1S) for £190 or a pair of large diaphragm mics (STC-2) for £220.

I appreciate it’s horses for courses but for Piano and acoustic instrument recording, which would be more flexible?


This is worth a watch!


@tomfairbairn Thankyou. That was very helpful.




Small diaphragms will do the job, but I think you’ll get a much fuller, warmer sound with something larger. The Sontronics STC series is a good bet, for not much outlay.