Soft String Spurs for Kontakt?

Hi everyone, I really REALLY want this library lol
Is there anyone that can convert Dan Keen’s amazing Soft String Spurs for EXS on Pianobook to Kontakt.
I haven’t really got a clue how to do it so I am asking if any kind genius with Kontakt could convert it for us Windows users.
It would be hugely appreciated :slight_smile:

χαιρετώ Keith. You can use it with the free TX16W TX16Wx Software Sampler – sampler plug-in for creative musicians
I use it with the soft string spurs along with all the other EXS files as I only have Kontakt and use windows

The original author seems to have made a kontakt version already. Click through to youtube for the link.

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Thanks @Sid that’s brilliant, didn’t notice the new link :slight_smile:

Thanks @TracingArcs I tried it with TX16Wx but it didn’t seem to work. Can’t read Greek by the way lol

Has anyone tried this yet, I can’t get the Core library to work. I copied the samples folder from the ESX version into the Kontakt folder. I can get the Swells and Harmonics to work but not the core. It shows that it’s loaded cos the memory goes up and I can see the wav in the editor but no sound comes out and when I press a note, the line doesn’t move along the wav.
Don’t know what i’m doing wrong.

Do you own kontakt 5? If so you might be able to download any early version of it from NI’s website from when kontakt used to be able to import EXS instruments. Otherwise with K6 you might be in more of a pickle

@Pierce I have Kontakt 5 and 6, this version only runs in 6.
I didn.t think 5 could open EXS files, i’m sure I have tried lol

The original author replied to a comment on the youtube page about this. His comment reads in part:
“… the CC11 (volume) and CC1 (dynamics) controllers are set to zero before you act on them…you can change this by adjusting the velocity mod in the AHDSR envelope editor…”
That worked for me.

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Thanks @Sid I will look at that now :slight_smile:

That worked a treat thanks @Sid

Sorry, I realize now that some of my intended nuance wasn’t conveyed well in that message.

Some of the earlier versions of kontakt 5 allowed you to import EXS instruments, but eventually ceased to do so. From this thread it looks like it was around Kontakt 5.1, but also proposes a fix for this (for owners of K5):

I know not everyone is willing / able / wanting to do this but this might be a convenient solution for you in the future.

Either way, as you’ve said the kontakt version provided is 6 so it’s not the best case to try it out with :0