"Stradivari of Toy Pianos" - a new Hainbach Youtube vid

“Hainbach” does some interesting modularish synthesisish vids, but here’s one about toy pianos from a week or so ago - very interesting.


Yesssss… that video immediately prompted me to look on eBay, both to be sad that none were available and that the last one sold for hundreds of dollars.

Perhaps a kind soul out there with one is a pianobook member? Lol

I’ve figured out that the way is to check French sites, there was one 2nd hand for sale in Rouen but at mo not contemplating a trip over there. They have a nice cathedral though and medieval style market in that place, I’ve been once in the past.

Seems like Schoenhut make ones, perhaps easier to source online. There’s one on ebay for 40 quid in London. They sound like they have a lot of 5th harmonic in the sound though, a lot, kind of cool if you want that, but if not then not.

I like the sound of the Kawai mini grand piano, seems to have less fifth in the bar sounds, more fundamental note sound, perhaps not as bell like tone though but cleaner. Also looks cool with the light wood.

Really wish it was three octaves though, annoying when octaves are cut short. But real cute looking thing.