The Dreaded 'Have I Heard This Before' Syndrome

I don’t usually have this but every now and then, I get that nasty feeling when i’m composing.
When we sit at our instruments and start a new piece, no one sits there and thinks, ’ i’m gonna rip that track off ’ (or they shouldn’t do really) but I have been trying to figure out what it is.
You start working on a piece and as you progress, the piece becomes more and more familiar as if you think you have heard it before.
As we are not blatantly and knowingly copying someone else’s music, could it be that either subconsciously something you have heard before IS going through your mind or is it just the fact that we play a piece over and over so many times as we are writing it, that is what is causing it to sound so familiar.

What do you think?

You may be creating music that you have, in part, created before. Might be a phrase, or melody line, just a few bars perhaps. I have scrapped new music that I thought sounded too similar to something else I have written, unless of course this is intentional for a score. In any case, you are not alone.

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Thanks @AndyStark I do tend to write in the same style of phrasing and melodies sometimes and I suppose that is the ‘creating our sound’ part of composing so that could be one reason for this.
Also I would discard anything that was a definite sounds like piece too. It’s just sometimes you think it sounds like something but you can’t quite place it lol