Try Out 300 Different Microphones Right Now!


Hey everyone. I wanted to let you all know about an incredible new resource that I found out about today called Audio Test Kitchen. You can sample 300 different microphones (with more coming soon) from the comfort of your home and know which one sounds best to you! It is absolutely incredible! You can hear the real difference between a $4000 microphone and a $150 microphone on the same vocalist, piano, or guitar. The best part is it’s 100% free to use! Go to to find out more and check out this incredible resource. I hope you guys find this as useful as I have!


I just spent an entire afternoon with this. Quite addictive. I studied the difference between my current best mic ($300) and a Telefunken U47 ($9000) and depending on what I was using it for, I preferred the sound of mine. Also, If I applied the right EQ curve, I can make my mic sound pretty darn close.

I think those old brands like Neuman and Telefunken were so expensive back in the day for the same reason a cray supercomputer cost millions in the 60s, but had less power than your iPhone. Why they are still so expensive…?

Doing a few blind sound tests on that audio test kitchen cured me of my desire for those super expensive mics. It’s a great time to be making music!


I’m so glad you found so helpful! It is really easy to get lost in all those microphones. I love how they have all the EQ curves of all the mics and all the details about each of them. It really does help cure your desire for those super expensive mics.