Update FAQ information


Some stuff on there seems to reflect a vision that has evolved a fair bit over time. For example:

By the last few months and by word of christian himself its pretty clear that this project has moved far beyond pianos, and thus I wouldn’t want this to deter anyone’s efforts.

The forum has been around a while now, it may be useful to change nomenclature here

Again the vision has evolved, many fantastic instruments have been created with just 1 microphone. It might be best to differentiate from necessary and recommended.

Now that there are a couple templates, it might be good to share those as well and maybe update the text

(Looks at all the pads)

these are just some small things, but as pianobook has evolced the principles behind it have as well, and I think it might benefit some to reflect this on the guiding section of the main page.


Pinging @StephenTallamy :slight_smile:


Wow, yes it was quite some time since I wrote the FAQ! I’ll try update it in the coming weeks. Any community contributions welcomed!