VCVRack Modular Synthesizer


Hello everyone,

Today I just discovered VCVRack. It’s a free virtual modular synthesizer made from a community of contributors on Github.

For those who want to follow christian on modular Monday’s and don’t have a huge bank account to afford real modular synthesis hardware. This is an amazing tool for that.

I am using this to learn modular synthesis before spending any real money on hardware.

I hope for those who want to experience modular synthesis will find this helpful and a good introduction. Spent 5 hours today on it. Completely overwhelmed and don’t know what I’m doing but I had a fun time.


I just got a YT notification for this vst. Think I’ll give it a try, after reading your post.


VCV Rack is a really good emulator of Modular Synthesis, all modules are virtual, some have a cost but there are lots of free ones that can be downloaded and even emulations of real modules. It is really something to give it a try, I use it in standalone but if I’m not wrong you can load it into a DAW like a plugin.