Want to help contribute, but I prefer to use Halion


Ttile says it all really, I want to help grow this awesome site and community, but I much prefer to work in Halion rather than Kotakt etc (I’m a Cubase boy). Would submissions in this format be accepted? There is the Halion Sonic SE plugin from Steinberg that’s free, and I could export my Halion patches in the appropriate format.


Yes please! Be sure to include the samples in wav format so that we can translate your work into other formats for other samplers.


I’m a Cubase user too (I realized today I have been using Cubase for 2 decades now), but I prefer the SFZ format, because it’s not limited to one specific platform. Using the Sforzando player plugin (free) you can load this in almost any Windows or Mac DAW. There are also some free tools to create the mappings.

Even EXS format mappings are perfectly usable outside of Logic, eg in Cubase, if you use the free TX16WX plugin to load and play those mappings.

But if you prefer Halion because of it’s user interface, go for it. I will probably not use the Halion version personally (I don’t have full Halion and even as a Cubase guy I really dislike Halion SE as a sample player platform). But as long as you make the audio files available to others to create mappings, it’s totally fine. Personally I would prefer not to have too many different formats, since each additional format typically requires a different setup / application to use and is typically limited to the small user base of those who have that specific setup (eg Halion / Halion Sonic). EXS and SFZ formats already do the job, are quite popular and there already exists a significant base of users who have the setup to make use of those formats. More formats = more chaos and less accessibility.