Welcome to piano.community!


Welcome to piano.community! You’re one of the first ones here. Our goal is to create a community for composers, sample creators, sound designers, musicians, or any creative individual interested in the pianobook project. This forum is an extension of the information cataloged at https://www.pianobook.co.uk/

We’re still defining the edges of this website, and we want to invite you to help mold it. How would you like to see this community evolve? What kinds of content are you hoping to post or read about from others? How would you like to have the forum structured?

This is a simple announcement post that may incorporate some simple community rules in the future. You cannot reply to this post, but please find the other welcome thread to introduce yourself and share your feedback on how you see this community developing. Thanks for joining us here!


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Update: Mar 25, 2PM PST

A quick update this afternoon. Apologies to anyone that tried to load the site while it was offline for 15 minutes.
We now have full HTTPS encryption, and a link back to pianobook.co.uk in the header. I will likely experiment with a better custom menu design to house links. The current version doesn’t play too nicely on mobile and small screens.