Whatever happened to Britain’s pianos?


My Grandma sent me a letter with a newspaper clipping:
I think this story will be of interest to be people here!


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An excellent read. The wrietup in the Telegraph.

In a way, it is sad, how life does change. But that is life, we must adapt.

One of my friends is still ogling at Acoustic pianos, and hoping to own a Steinway or Yamaha grand piano some day, to augment his home…

It does make sense, that especially due to sampling, acoustic pianos have diminished in relevance, as alternatives have become available - e.g digital pianos.

Life - all about demand and supply. Whatever is no longer in demand dies or moves on.

On the other hand I observe that piano sample libraries are getting better, and I do hope they continue to improve, to the point where they are ultra realistic. Who knows, one day, all we will have left are piano samples !! of instruments long gone, samples played by human inhabitants of Mars !!!

Two sample piano makers have impressed me - Waves Rhapsody (with the exception of a major memory issue, which you can read all about here

, and Production Voices.

Very true to life samples, once you adjust your keyboard velocity and add some comfort reverb. to counter the dryness of your treated studio environment…