What's your method for denoising samples?


Hey guys, I’d just like to start a discussion about preferred methods members use for denoising samples. I haven’t done this before and I need to do this for the Schwechten Grand I recently submitted - [/https://www.pianobook.co.uk/library/schwechten-grand](http://Schwechten Grand)

Fortunately, I did make a wild track!




These 2 articles cover all the relevant iZotope RX modules.

I generally remove clicks/thumps, then I do broadband denoising.
I fix unwanted events using Spectral Repair.

This can get very time-consuming, but it’s worth it.


Izotope RX seems to be one of the go-to tools for that.

There is a “elements” version of Izotope RX that is frequently on sale (currently part of the still availbale 50 bucks “Izotope Black Friday Bundle”).

Most pro audio editors and DAWs also come with denoising, declicking etc functions. Some like to use the ReaFir module in Reaper for that task…


Speaking of Reaper, that DAW also has a built in spectral editor. Here is a video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSBO_VC9q3E


Yes, and I believe the spectral editing feature in Reaper is based on Stillwell Audio’s plugin Spectro, which is also available separately. There is even a fully functional trial version:


Thanks for all your advice guys, I ended up getting RX elements. It does not have spectral denoise but I made do with vocal denoise and this didn’t do too bad a job. I’ve since resubmitted Schwechten Grand with the noise reduced samples so hopefully this should be up soon :slight_smile: