Your Favorite Pianobook Instruments of 2019


Please list your Pianobook favorites, gems of 2019, Here are mine.

Christian Henson’s Ice Choir and derivatives
Creepy iced lake ambience and great processed versions

John Meyer’s Flute & Violin
Meticulously sampled with musicality, warmth, and great processed options

John Meyer’s Schulmerich Handbells (John, I’m a big fan of your sonic aesthetic look forward to you sharing more). Add some tasty Mormon Tabernacle to your work

Dan Keen’s Thrumming Textures: Acoustic Guitar
As Christian would say add some splosh to taste and your in business

Francesco Silvestri Air Textures
Ambient creations that would make Ryuichi Sakamoto proud

Max’s Bentley Piano
Layers well with Glimmer and or Spirfire Labs Soft Piano

Spitfire Labs Soft Piano (old Felt Piano)
Still the best sample freebie of all time.


Some of these are included in my list:

One of my favourite is this collection:


I’ll have to say Ice Choir, Felt Piano, and 9000ft Piano. In truth I have enjoyed all the instruments you amazing musicians have created. So much fun and creativity in this community.


Christian mentioned on his youtube blog he will also be doing a years best list. If the moderators would like to merge these threads feel free.